You know data loss
can be fatal for your
business, but are you too
busy to do something about it?

Most small businesses could not survive the interruptions that data loss
brings with it. Yet, very few have a disaster recovery and business continuity plan in place.

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    You are an easy target
    for cybercriminals

    Loss or theft of confidential data poses a serious threat to small and big firms alike. However, smaller businesses often think they are less likely to be a target, which is untrue. In fact, cybercriminals often target smaller businesses because they assume smaller businesses don’t have the kind of data safety and security measures in place as their larger counterparts do. Smaller firms are also less likely to recover from the effects of such cybercrimes.

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    How data loss can be fatal
    for your business

    Inability to bounce back after data loss has been the cause of many business shutdowns. When you lose your data, you are not just losing important information about your customers, leads and business--you are also losing your credibility and brand value. The time it takes for your business to get back on its feet after a major data loss is more than the time it would take for your clients to move on to your competitors

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    Ensuring business continuity with
    Business Data Defender

    At Business Data Defender. we know how critical it is for your data to be always available and secure. With more than a decade of experience backing us, we work hard to ensure your business is never a victim of data loss. You focus on running your business, while we will make sure your data is available and safe.


Since 1994, Business Data Defender has been a leading provider of security solutions in Missouri. We offer the key IT services and solutions you need to ensure your data is safe and secure so your business continuity is never affected.

Our business continuity solutions include:
  • Backups (on-site and remote) and disaster recovery
  • Cybersecurity
  • Workstation and mobile device security
  • Network gateway security
  • Secure Internet gateway in the cloud

We know how important your data is for your business success and we work to ensure your business doesn’t face any interruptions because of data loss or downtime.


We recommend a three-point multi-layer security approach to provide enhanced network security and protection of business data. In short, the three points of most concern are End-User protection at the Workstation level, Network Gateway security at the Local Area Network level and Secure Internet Gateway protection at the Cloud level. While there are many available services and devices that provide these protections, our client networks are configured using a setup that has proven highly effective in protecting and securing business operations and is also cost-effective.

There a several available add-ons which go even farther towards protecting your systems such as two-factor authentication at the end-user level and Exchange filtering services at the e-mail level. Feel free to ask us about these items if you are interested. For now, we’ll focus only on the three-point multi-layer aspect.

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