Network Defense & Cloud Security

Better Network Defense & Cloud Security

Protecting your business’s assets involves more than just backup and recovery services; you need robust and multi-layered network defense and cloud security. With IT Service Pros, you can prevent destructive intrusions and infections before they reach your internal network.

Protect Your Data

Our network defense and cloud security products are task-specific for a multi-layered defense protocol.

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security

Created specifically for small businesses, Trend Micro’s virus protection software guards your employees’ servers and devices. Available both on-premises and cloud-hosted, the Worry-Free Business Security protects both fixed and mobile assets, providing anti-SPAM, antivirus, data protection, ransomware protection and web security.

OpenDNS Umbrella Security Services

This internet-level DNS cloud security service prevents malware from getting to your internal network, regardless of device or location.

Webroot SecureAnywhere

Protecting up to five devices, this cloud-based web gateway features secure browsing at all times, no matter where you choose to connect. Maintain your business’s privacy with real-time anti-phishing and identity theft protection.


Based in the cloud, this award-winning program was developed by MSPs to help businesses easily encrypt passwords and manage identities for an added level of security.


This service provides powerful virus filtering, anti-SPAM, corporate encryption, web file sharing and more for your email at an enterprise level. It works with exchange servers and Office 365 to enhance business continuity.

*Guard your business at every level, from emails to users to data; invest in a series premium network defense and cloud security solution with IT Service Pros.