On-the-Go Sync & Share with ownCloud

OwnCloud is globally trusted as a seamless and comprehensive self-hosted file sync and share server, and with IT Service Pros and Datto, you get free access to this incredible storage solution with your SIRIS device. File sync and share is ideal for businesses that want multiple users or machines to be able to access a file that is always up-to-date.

The ownCloud Solution

Multiple points of accessibility – Authorized parties can reach data via WebDAV, sync clients or a web interface, on your laptop, desktop or mobile, meaning it’s perfect for businesses on the move.

No public cloud

With ownCloud, the cloud is your own. Your business’s data and files are stored on your local infrastructure and SIRIS appliance, rather than in a cloud that unauthorized users could potentially access, as are the dangers with systems like Dropbox and Google Drive.

Enhanced security

In addition to the privacy of your on-premises device, your data is all backed up in the Datto Cloud and added protection comes in the form of the ability to set user-level rights and restrictions.

Recover archives

With on-premises file sync and share hosting from ownCloud and your Datto SIRIS, you can access file archives long after employees have left the company.

Trace and Track

Every single version of your files is saved with ownCloud and you even have the ability to track changes, views and access.

*The perfect complement to your SIRIS machine, ownCloud is a premium solution for businesses of any size.