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Aggressive Data Backup & Recovery with SIRIS 3

Depending on the data source, experts will tell you that just one hour of downtime can cost a medium-sized business anywhere from $150,000 to $250,000. Obviously, these numbers can vary between organizations, but there’s no denying that downtime or any inability to complete tasks will cost your business immensely. To prevent these tremendous costs, you should protect your firm with a smart, reliable data backup and recovery system, and you deserve a superior product from a developer that understands how pressing the matter is. With the Datto SIRIS 3 from IT Service Pros, you get the ultimate in data backup, recovery and business continuity at three impressive storage tiers.

Simple Management, Incredible Power

The Datto SIRIS 3 offers unbeatable features for deployment, scaling and management of data backup and recovery, including the following:

Three levels of storage

The Datto SIRIS 3 is available in Business (500GB to 2TB), Professional (1TB to 5TB) and Enterprise (5TB to 60TB), as well as the Virtual SIRIS (1TB to 50TB). These various storage volumes allow for greater flexibility and fit, giving your business the right amount of storage space at the right price.

Instant local and off-site virtualization

Two backups are always better than one. Datto SIRIS 3 offers the security of data virtualization both on your local machine and in the Datto Cloud, so when your server goes down or there’s a disaster, your data won’t be compromised. The SIRIS 3 offers an exceptional business continuity solution for organizations of any kind.

Image-based backups

Your Datto SIRIS 3 provides you with a whole picture of your server or workstation, allowing for easy, full restores and recovery. Whether you’re recovering from a small error or a large-scale disaster, the SIRIS 3 can help your business get back to its last stable state.

Inverse Chain Technology™

One of Datto’s greatest features, you’ll never have another broken backup chain.


This software lets you use keywords to quickly find your backed-up data and is compatible with commonly used programs and formats, including SharePoint, SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange and more.

Backup Insights™

Directly from your user interface, you can access a myriad of information, including when a file was deleted or lost.

*These are just a handful of the benefits you reap by integrating the Datto SIRIS 3 with your business continuity plan. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about which system is right for you.

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