Virtual SIRIS

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Virtual Backup in the Cloud with IT Service Pros & Datto

Ideal for medium- to enterprise-sized businesses, Virtual SIRIS is infrastructure-agnostic and provides the epitome of agility in cloud technology, hardware efficiency and backup disaster recovery (BDR).

Why Virtual SIRIS?

Choosing Virtual SIRIS, the premier cloud backup software, from IT Service Pros and Datto has numerous benefits, including:

  • Virtual SIRIS is entirely software-based, with no physical components, and yet it affords you the ability to back up both your virtual and physical machines.
  • You don’t have to back up your entire system every single day; Virtual SIRIS only backs up what has changed. And better yet, you can save space on your system since you don’t need to store old backups.
  • Instant virtualization means that your data is immediately and automatically replicated in on your SIRIS device when your server goes down. This enables you to get back to business faster, on the virtual server or from the Datto Cloud with our Hybrid Cloud technology.
  • Your Virtual SIRIS appliance is agentless, allowing for pairing with VMware Citrix XenServer, vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V, or agent-based with scalable backup for any device you may use.
  • Virtual SIRIS also offers screenshot backup verifications so you can be one hundred percent certain that your data is protected.
  • Bare Metal Restore (BMR) is also possible with your Datto technology, so you can thoroughly and swiftly restore your entire machine, or switch from virtual to physical and back, over your local network.

*Be sure to read additional technical information about the Virtual SIRIS to discover if it’s the best cloud backup solution for your burgeoning business.

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